What We Do

After Twelve Performance Sdn Bhd, headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, is a prominent entity specializing in the modification of car body kits. With a passion for automotive excellence, our company stands as a go-to destination for car enthusiasts seeking to enhance the aesthetics and performance of their vehicles. Through meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, After Twelve Performance Sdn Bhd excels in providing high-quality and customized car body kits tailored to various car models, elevating their visual appeal and aerodynamic functionality.

Our company's expertise lies in transforming standard vehicles into personalized automotive marvels, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of our clientele. Whether it's for enhancing the sporty look of a car, improving its aerodynamics for better performance, or adding unique visual accents, After Twelve Performance Sdn Bhd boasts a reputation for delivering exceptional and precision-engineered body kits.